Sales Process On Autopilot

Stop wasting your efforts on repetitive tasks. Define your business best practices, set-up an automation and we will do the work for you

Sales Process Automation

Intelligent business workflow

Automation is the answer to regulate even relatively complex business development workflows. Add group of contacts or leads to the automation you like and never miss a task or forget to follow up.

Customized processes

Our easy to built automation allows you to set off a customized sequence of actions from sending follow-up emails, to creating tasks. Whether it’s assigning a task, sending emails, add score and tags you can customize it the way that fits your business needs.

Specify and define your goals

Specify how many processes you have to follow on a daily or weekly basis to do your work. And use our custom automation to help you and your team get the work done automatically so that you can focus your efforts on moving your business forward.