We convert customers Complaints into Compliments

View Enchant tickets within your CRM

Automatic Syncing

Revamp CRM automatically sync your Contacts and Tickets every 4 hours from Enchant to import your contacts, tickets, and update their status so that you can easily track and manage customer’s complaints, tickets, &history.

Contact Management

Smart filters

Easily find your desired customers, segment contacts with their tickets status, overdue, opened tickets and more using our smart filters

Speedy searching system 

We make it easier for you to have a quick search for your customers either by tickets status or id.


Auto Profile Enrichment

Your contact profile brings you a highly detailed look into everything you need to know about a customer, Notes, Emails, Tickets, Invoices, Files, and Tasks.

Tickets Dashboard

A collective view of your tickets to keep you informed of the complaints that customers might submit. You can use our quick filters to have custom views of your tickets by the status or id.