Data import & export inside Revamp CRM


Import Your Data

We’re equipped with a tool to make it easy to import data into our system. Supported files include .csv, .txt, .xml, and .xlsx. You can also connect 24+ tools and apps to import and sync data in a matter of minutes to help you save time and know your customers better via an unmatched 360 view.

Data Migration

Migrating from other CRM software have never been easier. You can export data in spreadsheets and import them into Revamp CRM.

Use our custom Fields to tailor data to match your business needs, track extra contact details and map additional fields from Web Forms or CSV files.

Data Sync

Our system help you sync data automatically with other apps and tools to help your streamline your business workflow. For example, you can sync your segments and lists inside Revamp CRM to your email marketing tool such as Mail Chimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact and more.

Two-Way Data Sync

Enjoy a two-way sync with Google Calendar and Google Contacts. Whether your working inside Revamp CRM or Google Apps your data will always look the same.

Export Data

You can easily export all or part of your data to help you slice and dice it using other apps and make the best out of them

Revamp CRM Advantage

Use our smart filters to filter and sort your data so you can export the right segment of contacts or deals and better focus your efforts on a specific piece of data to improve your business