Visual Sales Pipeline

Close more B2B deals with the state of the art visual pipeline

Have a Clear overview of Your Deals

We give you 3 efficient views of your deals and a super easy way to move them forward, simply drag and drop:

- Pipeline view where your deals are displayed by their stage, so you get to know where you stand and how close you are to winning. You will be able to track deal activities and tasks in a glance, you can even assign a deal, add and edit tasks without leaving the pipeline view.

- Timeline view where your deals are displayed by their likely close date, so you you'll never experience any surprises at the end of the month.

- List view where you can export your deals into other spreadsheets.

Sales Process Tailored for Your Business

From customizing pipeline stages to receiving notifications, Revamp CRM is designed with an emphasis on customization to match your workflow and sales process. You get to customize your pipeline stages to suite your business needs and with Revamp CRM custom notifications you will no longer need to search through your data for insights, you will get the notifications you need to drive your business forward and take the best decisions to improve your sales process.

Keep your Deals Organized

Whether your files and documents are saved on your desktop or saved in the Cloud, you can store and organize them in your deal profile. We create a unique profile for each deal, where you can find your deal tasks, tags, documents and more. Revamp CRM creates an email address you can BCC for every contact that works with any email client. When you are sending an email an additional copy of the email will be automatically associated with the correct contact profile.

Some of the small business and sales team features in Revamp CRM:

Visual Sales Pipeline
Email Marketing
Reports & Analysis

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