Lead Management

Capture, organize and track leads to get the business results you want

Organize . Segment . Target

Even small teams have huge collection of leads, prospects, and contacts. We help you organize and keep track of those using simple tools. Revamp CRM gives you pre-built segments where you can organize your leads in a way that allows you to manage them effectively. Revamp CRM follow-up reminders and workflows help you turn Leads into first time customers, and first time customers into lifetime relationships.

Lead Scoring & Tagging

Revamp CRM enables you to quickly import your leads from different sources and we give you the ability to score them with only one click. Your lead source name will be automatically added as a tag, this helps your reps pitch properly and helps you understand more about your best lead sources. We also import your leads’ tags with them and don’t worry, even if there were new tags, we automatically create them for you and attach them to your leads.

Lead Capture Forms

Because we hate data entry, we made it super easy to add leads to Revamp CRM with a click. The Revamp CRM advantage:

- Log all lead communication including email, tags and phones.

- Connect your web forms to Revamp CRM and have leads enter your marketing workflow automatically.

- Use our pre-built automation workflow or build a new one for your lead qualification process.

Some of the small business and sales team features in Revamp CRM:

Visual Sales Pipeline
Email Marketing
Reports & Analysis

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