Follow-up Reminders

Stay on top of the different kinds of contacts and relationships in your network

Segment . Follow-up . Win

We help you turn your customers into raving fans by making it simple to stay engaged with every part of your network. You simply sort your key relationships into Segments, and we will take care of the rest. That means no more worrying about whom to follow-up with today, how any prior interactions went, or what to say to break the ice. With our follow-up reminders, you'll will have fewer cold, forgotten connections, and more warm, engaged relationships that are thinking of you when an important opportunity presents itself. That's how your business grows.

Never Fall Out of Touch

The follow-up reminders generate your daily tasks on your Dashboard. When the reminder on a Segment hits zero, you’ll see the contacts within that Segment displayed on your Dashboard. After you’ve communicated with those contacts, the reminder will reset and start over.

Follow-up Email Templates

We don’t just remind to you to make a contact or send an email, we also provide you a library with follow-up email templates to help save your time and keep your messages relevant. That doesn’t mean you’re not able to customize each template to fit your relationships needs.

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